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Under age 18, following requirements must be met!
Minimum age- 16 years old for learners stage permit, 16 1/2 for license.
Learner stage duration- 6 months.
Required supervised driving hours- 40 hours with a parent/guardian, 12 hours with a driving school.
Nighttime driving restriction- 12:30 a.m. to 5 a.m.
Passenger restriction- (family members are exempt unless otherwise noted)
No passengers under 18 years old during the first 6 months
Minimum age for full-privilege driving- Full passenger privileges after 6 months being licensed;
Full nighttime/or passenger privileges at 18 years old.

*In Massachusetts, the night driving restriction for permit holders younger than 18 is midnight to 5 a.m., unless they are accompanied by a licensed parent or guardian.

*In Massachusetts, the requirement for supervised driving is 30 hours for applicants who have successfully completed a driver skills development program in a closed, off-road course licensed by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

*In Massachusetts, driver education is required of license applicants younger than 18.